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ECB Main Interest Rate Changes
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The following are the changes in interest rates made by the European Central Bank (ECB). These are the main rates (aka "Main Refinancing Operations"), the ones which can generally lead to rises and drops in our tracker mortgage interest rates.
Source: European Central Bank, Key Interest Rate Changes
Year Date Rate Type
2011 November 9th 1.25% Fixed
  July 13th 1.50% Fixed
April 13th 1.25% Fixed
2009 May 13th 1.00% Fixed
  April 8th 1.25% Fixed
March 11th 1.50% Fixed
  January 21st 2.00% Fixed
2008 December 10th 2.50% Fixed
  November 12th 3.25% Fixed
October 15th 3.75% Fixed
  July 9th 4.25% Variable
2007 June 13th 4.00% Variable
  March 14th 3.75% Variable
2006 December 13th 3.50% Variable
  October 11th 3.25% Variable
August 9th 3.00% Variable
  June 15th 2.75% Variable
March 8th 2.50% Variable
2005 December 6th 2.25% Variable
2003 June 6th 2.00% Variable
  March 7th 2.50% Variable
2002 December 6th 2.75% Variable
2001 November 9th 3.25% Variable
September 18th 3.75% Variable
  August 31st 4.25% Variable
May 11th 4.50% Variable
2000 October 6th 4.75% Variable
September 1st 4.50% Variable
  June 28th 4.25% Variable
June 9th 4.25% Fixed
  April 28th 3.75% Fixed
March 17th 3.50% Fixed
  February 4th 3.25% Fixed
1999 November 5th 3.00% Fixed
  April 9th 2.50% Fixed
January 1st 3.00% Fixed
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